To get the most out of it, before instigating coaching it’s worth giving consideration to the following questions.  If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, it may not be the right time for you to begin your coaching journey.

Do I have a good understanding of what coaching is?
Coaching is not counselling, mentoring or therapy and your coach will not tell you what to do! What a coach will do, through a conversation-based approach, is help you find answers to issues that are challenging you and help you towards your goal(s). With coaching, you will realise that you already have the tools and resources within you and the coach is there to help you find these through active listening and appropriate challenge.  Be prepared to do most of the talking!

Am I motivated to make a change now?
If the answer is anything less than an eight out of ten (where ten is highly motivated!) then now might not be the right time for you to commit to this.

Am I prepared to be open and honest?
As you work towards your coaching goal, be prepared to open-up and explore what is currently preventing you from meeting it. Sometimes this could require the examination of deep-seated thought patterns or behaviours. If you are holding things back or are not willing to go deeper, you may find sessions are less effective and this may hinder you achieving your goals.

Am I looking for someone to tell me what to do?
The coaching process is conversation-based and very much driven by you as the client. If you’re looking for someone to just direct you, it may be better to find a suitable mentor with experience in the relevant specialist area, rather than a coach.

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