What is coaching?


Coaching is a powerful technique for driving change in your life. Before you commit to a programme of coaching, you should be clear about what you’re seeking to achieve and be fully motivated to attaining it.

What happens at each session?
Each coaching session is an hour long. Within the context of your overall coaching objective, the topic for each session will normally be directed by you. I will then work with you to explore this in more detail, identifying any underlying obstacles or automatic thoughts. I will question and challenge you as appropriate, using structured models or techniques to help you work through an issue. At the end of each session, it is usual for there to be some action planning or follow up to be completed ahead of the next session.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching is an area of specialism that can help you to achieve your work goals and this is my area of expertise. Recent examples of coaching with my clients include:

  • Supporting someone towards a job promotion
  • Navigating complex politics in an organisation
  • Helping identify source of frustration at work and supporting to overcome this
  • Identifying underlying cause of poor time management and working towards change in behaviour
  • Coaching through changing career and finding the right job
  • Dealing with self-consciousness or confidence at work
  • Supporting someone with confidence issues post redundancy

If you would like more information on coaching, get in touch for an introductory chat.